What is link shortening? Collection of reputable link shortening websites today

For marketers or website administrators, shortening URLs is a daily task, not only helping to increase the aesthetics of that link but also optimizing SEO for the website effectively. So what is the term link shortening? Why should you shorten links? Join GoSELL to explore details right in this article.

Why should you shorten links?
When shortening links, you will receive 4 main benefits, specifically: Increase the aesthetics of the link When you need to send any link via text message, email, or you need to post the link along with the text. Long links will take up a lot of space, be unaesthetic and confuse viewers. Instead, you can shorten the link to reduce the length of the original web address and increase aesthetics.

Increase traffic to the link Regarding the psychology of today's internet users, they are quite cautious with long links because these links easily contain viruses or malicious code. Meanwhile, a short URL not only looks more beautiful but also makes users feel more secure when accessing the link. Helps arouse users' curiosity, it will be difficult for them to guess what the content is inside the website, thereby stimulating them to click on the link.

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